Cum covered glasses


Welcome to our website please feel free to browse around and read our stories. Each story has been written by a different escort who loves to sell their body for sex. They want to share their stories to an audience that will enjoy them.

These are escorts sharing their stories of their sexual encounters in the world of prostitution

The content of our website is highly graphic and is strictly adults only. These are escorts sharing their stories of their sexual encounters in the world of prostitution. Some of the stories are highly graphic explaining what turns these women on and how men and women have been able to enjoy sex with them. They sell their bodies for sex and earn a lot of money.

There are different females that do escorting work. Some transsexual women also work for us. A lot of male and female clients enjoy the fact that our women wear glasses and have a fetish about it. They get greatly turned on when they cum all over a woman’s glasses.

Takabe Shigematsu

Takabe is one of our escorts, she is very beautiful and attracts a lot of client’s. Takabe is Japanese and even though she is an older lady she knows just how to please when it comes down to sex. Being older she has had more experience than some of the younger girls. It was completely her choice to be an escort and it wasn’t due to difficult circumstances. There are many stereotypical views that women just sell their body for sex because they’ve hit hard times. However, Takabe would like to assure others that is not the case and she does actually enjoy having sex with new client’s and old ones alike. It’s something she has chosen and is proud of, not only that, but it brings her a lot of money.

Our Clients are not stereotypical, but come from every background possible

They look like ordinary people, some are famous, others are not well known. They are the people around you, people you would not suspect. Maybe even your friends have used an escort before. There are also couples who visit an escort to spice their love life up. We also cater for fetishes like crossdressing, light BDSM, fantasy and roleplay. These are classed as extras so are slightly more expensive.

Being an escort is a high paying career

The amount of money an escort makes changes from day to day. Sometimes they can bring in a fortune and not even have much sex involved. Jobs differ, some people just want someone to keep them company or to masturbate in front of. Some just want someone to listen to them as they vent about what has been happening in their world. Many of our client’s return again and again as they are so satisfied.

Being an escort is a high paying career. Our escorts use the money for different things, paying bills, buying property, traveling, partying and helping family. A lot of our girls have family living overseas that they send money to. Each individual has a different educational background and whilst some never got qualifications, many women have gained university degrees. Some women use sex work to pay for their education. Still some use the funds to set up their own business and ensure they have the capital to start up. Nobody is forced into sex work; it is something that they choose because they enjoy it.